Is a Car Subscription Worth It?

Car subscriptions offer an alternative to traditional car ownership and leasing, giving drivers more freedom and flexibility.

Is a Car Subscription Worth It?
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Subscriptions provide drivers with a convenient way to access a car without having to commit to long-term agreements. Instead of signing a lease for a certain duration, you simply pay for the subscription on a monthly basis, but is a car subscription worth it when you could just lease or buy a car outright?

Drive a car without breaking the bank by signing up with a car subscription. Whether you live in Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney or somewhere else in Australia, the team at eCar Subscription will make the process easy so you can drive away without a hassle. Browse our range of cars available for subscription or, alternatively, a number of corporate cars are available too!

Is a Car Subscription Worth it?

When it comes to driving a car, there are many ways to get behind the wheel without having the buy a car outright. There’s leasing and financing, and then there is a growing population of people who prefer subscribing to a car. At eCar Subscription, we’ve compiled some reasons why subscription cars may be the better option for many people.

No Long-Term Lock-In Contracts

When you need wheels without wanting to make a big commitment, a car subscription may be the best thing for you. A car subscription is more flexible than a car lease or financing a car. When you sign up with eCar Subscriptions car subscription service, you’ll be surprised by the flexibility of our contracts as they’re tailored to suit your needs. Our road-ready vehicles allow you to drive away on the day.

Easy Payments

A car subscription is the best way for many people to manage their income and repayments. Rather than making a large down payment, a car subscription offers flexible and hassle-free weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments. With these payment options, subscribing to a car makes repayment more budget friendly. A car subscription also promises no additional payments apart from the scheduled subscription payment and the fuel you’ll need, of course.


For many people, a no lock-in contract is appealing as the subscription can change as your life does. Meaning if your life plans change, your family expands or you move overseas to pursue your career, it’s easier to cancel your subscription than sell your vehicle and find a new one. It’s the car service that’s friendly to those who have an unpredictable lifestyle!

Little to No Maintenance

With a car subscription, you’ll be surprised by how little you’ll have to pay to drive a car. Not only are they a cost-effective way to drive around, but you’ll also be surprised to find out just how little you’ll have to pay. For many people either in debt or with just too many bills to pay, the appeal of a subscribed car is that a lot of the costs are included. While servicing and maintenance costs are not included in many lease agreements, they are with a subscription. Your subscription will not only take care of this but cover insurance and registration, so you can drive around worry-free.

A New Car Every 90 Days

Is a car subscription worth it if it means you get to drive a new car every few months? The answer is a strong yes. If you’re an avid car lover or you’re someone who likes a change every now and then, then a car subscription could be the best thing for you. Car subscriptions allow you to have access to a variety of different cars without the difficulty of attaining ownership. This could be perfect for someone who wants to try out different types of cars or needs a vehicle for only short-term use. At eCar Subscription, we offer a 90-day trade-in, so you can sample a new car every three months without committing to buying one, giving a deposit or signing a new contract.

Hassle-Free Commitment

Head online to explore our range of cars or a business car subscription available so you can drive away without being hassled by pesky contracts. Alternatively, if you’re still unsure about the financial benefits of car subscription vs ownership, use the car ownership cost calculator or see how it works in more detail online.

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