What is a Car Subscription?

If you’ve come across the term “car subscription” and you’re wondering what is a car subscription, let the team at eCar Subscription help.

What is a Car Subscription?
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Car subscriptions allow drivers to drive a new car without the hassle of signing contracts and car maintenance and service fees, flexible payments, and the option to change cars. While a car subscription has many appealing aspects to it, without understanding what it is, you may not realise it would work best for you and your lifestyle. Let’s delve into knowing what is a car subscription service.

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What Is A Car Subscription?

A car subscription service allows you to signup for a car without the hassle of hidden fees or signing complex contracts. In the case of a car subscription, it’s the company that ensures the car’s maintenance and insurance payments are made.

How it Works

Choosing the Car

When you sign up for a car subscription service, you get to choose the car you want to drive. With the service at eCarSubscription, you can swap cars every ninety days, giving you a chance to drive different models and styles to suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s an SUV for off-road adventures, a small hatchback for driving through the city or another, choose a car that suits you.

Customised Plans

Car subscription services offer tailored payment plans to suit you. Depending on the subscription you sign up for, a car subscription may allow you to make weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payments. This vehicle service tends to be more flexible with payments compared to companies that lease out their cars, making it more appealing to anyone looking for a way to drive without the hidden fees.


Subscribing to a car makes driving away so easy as you don’t have to worry about paying for registration, finding an insurance plan that suits you or servicing the car every few months. At eCarSubscription, we even offer you roadside assistance to ensure you have someone to call on should you get stuck.  

An Alternate Way To Driving A Car

When you’re wondering “what is car subscription, sometimes it helps to compare it to other vehicle hire and loan services.

Subscribing to A Car Service Vs Leasing A Car

Car subscriptions allow for long-term hires while leasing a car is best for short-term hires. You may be more familiar with car leasing if you’ve travelled and needed a car for a few days up to a week. This allows for convenience when you’re away for those short days without the hassle of long-term commitments. While the short-term lease is enviable by those looking for a short-term commitment, one of the disadvantages of leasing a car is that it offers a limited number of miles you’re allowed to drive and has increased insurance premiums, among other drawbacks.

Subscribing to A Car Service Vs Financing A Car

For those hoping to own a car after a period of time, financing is the way to go. While a car subscription allows for long-term driving, financing a car is more of a commitment as frequent payments are made towards potentially securing a car in the end. While you can drive as many miles as you want with a financed car, one of the drawbacks compared to signing up for a car subscription is that there’s interest to pay on top, you need to take out insurance and registration, and keep up maintenance, among other pesky details. With subscription cars services, insurance, registration, and maintenance are included in the payment.

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